Websites That Offer FREE Training Material

These web sites have FREE training material.  The target audience for the material varies.  Some is for individuals receiving services, for staff or both.  Some would be excellent to use during down time in a day program or as part of a self advocacy program.    


We also have training material that can be checked out for Dental education.  Curriculum, big teeth, brushing guides. Just call me. 



Emergency preparedness.                                 Individual who are IDD   


National Gateway to self-determination                                both


SACK Training material



ITAC – Federal Technical assistance for DD councils                                   Staff



Partner in policy                                         Both


The CDDO will also do training on request.  Examples:  BASIS training for staff, its focus to explain to staff the how BASIS determines reimbursement and the importance of documentation and we Article 63 training.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance. 





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