Helpers, Inc. provides service to individuals who self-direct their care through the HCBS Medicaid Waiver Program.

The services are provided by Workers in the home or in the community. Workers are employees of the individuals who self-direct their care. Activities vary client to client but may include things such as: assistance with hygiene, transfer/mobility, meal preparation, exercise, education, health maintenance, supervision, and other activities that promote independence for the individual in their home and in the community.

Interested in becoming a new Caregiver?

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Do you need Caregiver Employment Forms?

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Helpers, Inc. does not employ caregivers and is not involved in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, scheduling or dismissing caregivers.  Helpers, Inc. is a Financial Management Service that performs payroll services for our clients and their workers.  Helpers, Inc. is not the employer.