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January 6, 2015


Your Monday Morning Update:


I took an afternoon saunter through the JCDS day and employment work area yesterday, and happened to run into my friend David as he took a break from his job of assembling medical kits. David reminds me of the Cheshire cat…broad face, a little bit mischievous, with a fabulously wide grin. He lets his smile do his talking, as he is a man of few words.


Me:  “David, Happy New Year!”

David: “Yeah.”

Me:  “Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?”

David: “Yup.”

Me: “Will you share it with me?”

David: “Yup.”

Me: “And….”

David: “Eat more apples.”


David’s resolution gave me a hearty chuckle, but was also food for thought! It made me think of phrases like:


  • You’re the apple of my eye
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • It’s like comparing apples to oranges
  • One smart apple
  • As American as apple pie

I thought David’s New Year’s Resolution was simple, realistic, and most importantly – doable.


As I meandered back to my desk, I considered what 2015 may bring, not only for David, but for all Kansans. With the Kansas legislature beginning their session in a little over a week, I wasn’t feeling quite as confident as David. The State must shave off nearly $290 million (yes…million) from its current budget to allow us to pay our bills for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015. I know my own checkbook, and believe you me; this will not be an easy task!  After that feat has been completed, the legislature then needs to deliberate and pass their budget for the next fiscal year which begins July 1, 2015. Depending on who you talk with, what media you read or listen to, who you believe, or how good you are at math, we are talking anywhere from $680 million to $1.2 billion (give or take a few million).


Why should we care?


A majority of the funding for community services for folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) comes from the State (matched by Federal funds).  Now that each cent is at a premium and every dollar scrutinized, we are fearful that funding for these vital services will be amputated in order to plug the holes. I can summarize it in one sentence – the legislature has the power to upset our apple cart!


Make sure to find out who your legislators are and build a relationship with them. Each and every legislator needs to know that maintenance of funding for IDD services is crucial. Remember that all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the barrel. We must not let that “bad apple” materialize because we didn’t take a minute to reach out during this fiscally stressful time.


David will thank you because it leaves one more apple for him!


Warm regards,



Lurena Mead

Community Relations Manager

Johnson County Developmental Supports

10501 Lackman Road Lenexa, Kansas  66219

Direct 913 826-2212 | Office 913 826-2626

TDD 800 766-3777


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