In this time of baseball fever, my mind wanders back to the movie Field of Dreams…


October 20, 2014




In this time of baseball fever, my mind wanders back to the movie Field of Dreams. I was totally preoccupied with Kevin Costner and thought he was absolutely dreamy…hmmm….now don’t get me started!  I also contemplated that memorable movie line “If you build it, he will come.”  It sounded so ominous yet prophetic.


With the many challenges and changes going on in our field (no pun intended) of intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) services, members of PACK (Provider Advocacy Coalition of Kansas) decided to host a forum where folks with IDD, their families and providers might join together to talk about how this past year has been treating them. Undoubtedly there would be conversations about KanCare, Health Homes and the future of targeted case management. The meeting was set for last Tuesday evening, which both fortunately and unfortunately, happened to coincide with a Royals home game.  Knowing it was too late to change the date of the forum, the creators crossed their fingers and whispered “If we build it, they will come.”  And come they did.  Over 200 individuals met to share their stories and thoughts!


Two hours later, families meandered out of the building and headed to their cars to turn on their radios. It looked good for the Royals, but did it look good for IDD services in Kansas?  Did parents feel safe and secure knowing that everything was going to be okay for their sons and daughters?  Would Health Homes be able to coordinate cohesive supports that were promised?  Were targeted case managers confident that they could continue to deliver vital services and be compensated fairly?


The evening turned out great for our home team, but I’m fearful for our home IDD service system.  It was once vital, efficient, and effective, and put people before dollars.  Will it  soon be considered the Field of Broken Dreams?  We have definitely been thrown a curve ball. 



Warm regards,


Lurena Mead

Community Relations Manager 

Johnson County Developmental Supports

10501 Lackman Road Lenexa, Kansas  66219

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