April 30, 2012 Legislative Update

April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Update:
I love my morning coffee but I have a problem.  My coffeemaker leaks and I need a new one.
I have a dilemma; I don’t have the money in my pocket for the coffeemaker I really fancy, so I have to make a decision. Do I buy a cheaper coffeemaker and “settle” for less, or do I make an effort to get the one I really want?

You are probably asking yourself what this has to do with legislative activities.  Read on!

Late Wednesday, after a very successful InterHab Push Day, the Governor issued a press release supporting the delay of the developmental disabilities (DD) waiver into KanCare until January 2014.

However, now WE have a dilemma. The Administration is asking us to “settle” for less.  We have been asking, advocating and promoting that DD long-term care NOT be included in the KanCare proposal. Do we put a smile on our face and happily agree to less (a one year reprieve) or do we continue to push for what we really want?

Now, as to my coffeemaker dilemma, I’ve decided that I am not going to settle! I’m going on a fund hunt.  My husband is notorious for squirreling away coins and bills in drawers, shelves and of course – the couch.  With what I have in my wallet and my husband’s droppings, I’m sure I’ll be able to get the coffee maker I really want.

Past experience has taught me that sometimes it’s not worth it to settle for less.
As far as KanCare goes, do we settle for less or do we continue to push for what we really want?  I’d bet a few of the coins in the couch that I know YOUR answer to that question!
Other major happenings last week:

  • The 1115 waiver application (the request which would sanction KanCare) has been sent to the feds for approval.  The feds may approve none of it, parts of it or all of it.  We await their response.

  • The House Appropriations committee met and adopted the “Siegfreid proviso” which would delay the inclusion of the DD long-term waiver into KanCare, until January 2014.  The one thing they DID NOT INCLUDE was targeted case management in this delay!  When asked why, administration said that it didn’t need to be included because it’s already protected by their promise that they wouldn’t tinker with it.

  • The EXECUTIVE SUMMARY released by the administration about the waiver application states:
“The selected bidders will be required to maintain current provider rates and services for Kansans on Medicaid.  In addition, the KanCare request proposal encourages contractors to use established community partners to deliver these necessary services.”

  • The use of terms “protected by promises” is comforting, but the term “encourages” to insurance companies makes me extremely nervous.
Your TO DO List:

  1. If the words in this Executive Summary makes you nervous also, contact your representatives and ask them to support the rewrite of the “Siegfreid proviso.” Targeted Case Management is a vital arm of our community service provision and needs to be included!

  1. If you agree that “settling” for less, is not wise—you know what to do, who to contact, and what to say! It’s the choice between a full carve-out or a $15.00 coffee maker.
Warm regards,
Lurena Mead
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