April 23, 2012 Legislative Update

April 23, 2012

Your Monday Morning Update:

You’ve heard it said that “good things come to those who wait.” Let’s change it up a bit and say “good things come to those who wait AND advoCATE.”

Because of your great support, two extremely good things happened last week.  So good in fact, that I’m giddy with delight!

  1. The Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved and adopted a resolution urging the Governor to exclude developmental disability services from the KanCare proposal.  Johnson County joins nearly 35 counties in raising concerns about this issue and doing something about it.
Below is an excerpt from the April 19, 2012 Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting:
Medicaid or Healthcare Provision Changes
Commissioner Peterson moved to Approve and Adopt Resolution No. 017-12 thereby encouraging the governor of the state of Kansas to carefully consider any change in the Medicaid or health care provision for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities; to remove long-term care services for said persons from the proposed privatized managed care plan; and to continue present state/county-appointed community developmental disabilities organization administration of this service delivery system. Commissioner Allen seconded the motion.
Passed 7- 0-0

We owe Ed Eilert, Chairman of the BOCC our heartfelt thanks for endorsing this resolution.  We appreciate his hard work and dedication on this issue.  We are also very grateful for the support of our six other commissioners.

  1. House Majority Leader Arlen Siegfried is in the process of preparing a proviso which would exclude developmental disability long term care services from KanCare until January 2014.  This would provide the state as well as the DD community, time to evaluate concerns and answer questions about effects of the inclusion of long-term care.

A proviso is a clause inserted in an act of a legislation (in this case the budget bill) containing a condition that a certain thing shall or shall not be done (not including DD long term services); in order that an agreement contained in another clause (KanCare) shall take effect.
We are hopeful that it won’t meet any huge roadblocks on its trip through the legislative process. Representative Siegfried (Olathe/Gardner) holds a powerful position as Majority Leader and is well-respected. We owe him our deepest appreciation for listening and responding to your concerns.  You can thank him at [email protected].
By the way…he heard YOU!
Wednesday, our legislators head westward to complete their lengthy list of unfinished business.  Hoards of “red shirts” will greet them as InterHab Push Day coincides with their return.  It is slated to be beautiful weather so I hope to see each and every one of you pacing the grounds of the Statehouse.
Warm and giddy regards,
Lurena Mead
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