April 2, 2012 Legislative Update

Drat, Darn, Rubbish, Jeez, Gosh, Crap, Dang-it, Shucks, Rats, Phooey, Dad-gum-it!
I feel so much better now, thanks for letting me fly into a g-rated rage!
In a surprise move on Thursday as the House was debating the bill which would create a KanCare Oversight Committee, Representative Jim Ward from Wichita threw out an amendment to exempt DD from KanCare.  Wow – talk about a jaw dropping attempt!
When Ward’s amendment was first made, there were questions as to whether the bill was “germane” (relevant to the bill to which it is attached.)  After a short recess, the administration stepped forward said that it was indeed germane and could be debated.
Johnson County representatives Colloton, Worley, Rubin and Kiegerl fearlessly went to the podium and spoke eloquently on our behalf.  House leadership spoke against the amendment using fairly outlandish, manipulative and inaccurate information.
Representative Crum from Augusta offered an amendment to send the original bill (the KanCare Oversight bill) back to the Appropriations committee to be worked. Interestingly enough, House leadership had to resort to parliamentary rules in order toshut down the vote on Ward’s amendment!  The House voted and approved Crum’s amendment. The opportunity to vote on Representative Ward’s amendment was ambushed (the reason for my ranting and raving.)  Politics at its finest….
We were so close!  If that vote actually was allowed to happen—we most likely will have won.  It was a much easier vote for many legislators to send the original bill back to committee than vote for Ward’s amendment.
YOUR ADVOCACY is the reason that legislators had to resort to such drastic measures. Pat yourself on the back.
Johnson County legislators supporting Ward’s amendment were Bollier, Colloton, Slattery, Spalding, Wolf and Worley.  Please send them an email of appreciation.  BothRubin and Kiegerl spoke up on the House floor to support the amendment, but then voted to send it back to committee.  I’m still scratching my head on that one. They get half-a-thanks.
Those that need to be put on notice that you expected something different from them are: Brown, Bruchman, Denning, Donohoe, Grosserode, Hildabrand, Kinzer, Kleeb, Meigs, Montgomery, O’Hara, Schwab, Siegfreid and Smith. Send them an email asking themwhat the heck were they thinking? Oops, now don’t get me started!

Your To Do List:

  1. Go to www.invisiblekansans.com (we know it is working.) I spoke with one Senator last Wednesday who told me he got 20 emails from that site in one day!
  2. Write a letter to your legislators at HOME…just what they won’t be expecting!  Home addresses are in the attached word document.
  3. Now that legislators are home for three weeks, find out if they are hosting a forum. If so, attend and ask questions. If they are one responsible for my bad language, put them on the spot (respectfully of course.)  They need to know that as YOUR legislator, their responsibility is to listen to YOU!
  4. Circle Wednesday April 25th on your calendar.  It is InterHab Push Day and we’d love to rock the Statehouse. Plan on joining us.
Warm regards,
Lurena Mead
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