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Legislative Update 5/18/11

Your Monday Morning Update:   I’m sure by now, you all know that the Kansas 2012 budget was passed during the wee hours of the morning last Friday. No matter how you feel about it (good, bad or indifferent),  it is done!   As I ponder the final outcome of the session, I‘m a bit […]

Legislative Update 5/12/11

InterHab’s Update from Topeka 11th Hour Budget Deliberations    “At 9:23 tonight, on the 89th day of the 2011 legislative session, Senate Ways and Means Chair Carolyn McGinn, R-Sedgwick, accepted the House’s final budget offer sealing the 2011 and 2012 budgets. The acceptance sends the piles of agreements to revisors to be turned into a bill—expected with some […]

Legislative Update from JCDS April 5th

Once upon time there was a crucial bill named SB 210   It went up for a vote by the big, powerful legislature Remarkably, it passed And everyone lived happily every after!   Well, perhaps it wasn’t as simple as this little ditty makes it appear. The debate was a bit grueling at times, but […]

Legislative Update for Week of March 7th-11th

Your Monday Morning Update:   After the mad dash to get bills introduced, worked and addressed during turn around week, last week slowed to a mere crawl.      Legislators were off Monday and Tuesday while the statehouse printers were busy printing up the House and Senate bills that had been worked during turn around week.  Wednesday, […]

Legislative Update Week of 2/21

Below is the Legislative update from Lurena Mead at JCDS: Early last week the Senate passed the rescission bill agreed upon by the Senate Ways and Means committee.  This bill included $25 million for  K-12 special education funding.  The House rescission bill does not include these funds. By keeping in these dollars, the Senate is […]

Thrive College Program for those with Developmental Disabilities

Thrive College Program for those with Developmental Disabilities THRIVE is a post-secondary program for students ages 18-25 years with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Students have the opportunity to earn a 2-year certificate of success in independent living while living on campus and participating in courses and activities offered at University of Central Missouri.  Upon completion […]