Helpful Financial Planning Workshops

“Your workshops are very helpful and packed full of info! Thank you!!”


“This information was good to see and hear. The presentation was perfect in my opinion, and my first time accessing info this way.”


“Very informative webinar!”


“We have a 19 year-old daughter with mild special needs – as we have been figuring out her true diagnosis, we have not done appropriate planning.”


Planning for a child with special needs goes beyond traditional financial planning. Join us from the comfort of your own home, ask questions, and talk with a fellow parent in a non-threatening, non-pressure environment. We’d love to be of help if you’re ready to learn!

“ABLE vs Special Needs Trusts: An In-Depth Discussion” Wednesday, June 3rd at 12:00pm (CDT):

  • Legal, Financial & Benefits Planning Considerations
  • Pros & Cons of ABLE accounts
  • Pros & Cons of Special Needs Trusts

“How to Develop a Life Plan for Your Child with Disabilities” Thursday, June 4th at 6:00pm (CDT):

  • Legal Planning Considerations: Special Needs Trusts, Letter/Memorandum of Intent, Guardianship
  • Financial Planning Considerations: How to Fund a Special Needs Trust, ABLE accounts & other important topics
  • Benefit Planning Considerations: Finding and accessing federal benefits like SSI & SSDI, Medicaid, Waivers, etc.


“Estate Planning: It’s Not Just for the Rich and Famous” Tuesday, June 16th at Noon (CDT):

  • Why an estate plan is a critical piece within a family’s financial plan
  • What’s included in an estate plan
  • Your and a Financial Advisor’s role in the process of developing one


“Investing Basics: Five Steps to Building a Disciplined Investment Strategy” Wednesday, June 17th at 6:00pm (CDT):

  • Learn more information about investing, which may help you feel more secure in your investment strategy, especially in today’s changing world.
  • Five steps to help you invest more confidently, regardless of the market—goal setting, diversification, risk and reward, discipline and momentum.


Speaker: Mother to Hudsyn, her nine year-old daughter who has complex medical needs, Kacy is a financial advisor with her own practice in Kansas City. After six years in the financial services industry, she opened her practice with Northwestern Mutual in 2013 because she had difficulty finding good, sound advice from a variety of financial advisors who could help her develop a solid plan for her daughter. Her purpose in life is to awaken understanding and help others become empathetically aware of people with disabilities. She focuses on helping special needs families with proper financial planning throughout their lifetimes. Her book, “Every Now & Then, I Fall Apart: A Mother’s Memoir of Life After a Traumatic Birth” is scheduled to be published in 2020 (