Crisis In Care Campaign


IT’S TIME! We are launching the #CrisisInCare campaign NOW.

The campaign builds a social community capable of influencing public opinion and decisions by policymakers on all issues related to the COVID-19 relief effort for Kansans with IDD.

The campaign will: 

  • Use social tools (like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to engage a broad audience in ‘real-time’
  • Use micro-targeting through digital advertising improve engagement & focus our messages
  • Work with members to create meaningful content that helps us engage in dialogue that influences public opinion and decisions by policymakers at a local, state, and federal levels
  • Messages used will speak to both “hearts and minds” in that they are framed to reflect people’s personal stories and interests, and are supplemented by facts and data
  • Identify types of training and tools that will enhance the skill sets or our advocates
  • Coordinate with any grassroots activities, direct lobbying and earned and paid media activities

What you can do today: 

  • Use the attached images for your social media pages. Encourage everyone you know to use them, too
  • Direct people to – from this page people can learn about the campaign, and hit share on Twitter and Facebook with one click! They can also sign up to connect with InterHab and advocate on our behalf
  • If you are interested in additional imagery for display ads or for your website, email Meghan and she will email them to you
  • Share, share, and share – we need your help more than ever! Use your provider accounts AND personal accounts!

Thank you for your continued support as we push forward,

Meghan (and Matt, Nick, and Janet)

Interhab, Inc.
700 SW Jackson
Suite 1100

Topeka,   KS  66603
United States