Grace Church’s Next SOAR R&R Event Includes Santa and Mrs. Claus!

Our next SOAR R&R will be November 22 from 6-9pm with a Christmas theme with Santa and Mrs Claus coming. Registration will be coming soon so please be watching your emails! Please remember that on ANY SOAR registration, if you do NOT receive a confirmation email, you are NOT registered!

The Wonderfully Made Conference is October 24-25 and we have many great speakers coming in. Don’t worry if you are unable to attend the day sessions, we also have a Family Hot Topics session on Thursday evening from 7-830pm that you will want to hear! It is only $25! The Hot Topics can be purchased by it’s self by clicking on the add ons – no conference. To register, go to

Also, our new SOAR webpage will be launching soon! So excited to share that with you! If you would like to hear more of the vision for the new SOAR nonprofit organization and see how you can get involved, I would love to talk with you!

Hope to see you at Harvest Festival! Come SOAR with Us!



Stephen “Doc” Hunsley, M.D.

SOAR Special Needs Director – Campus Support

Pastoral Team