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Location: University of Kansas Edwards Campus
Best Conference Center
12600 S Quivira Rd.
Overland Park, Kansas


Speaker: Dr. Patrick Schwarz, professor,
author, motivational speaker
and leader in Education
(Inclusive Education, Special
Education, General Education,
Educational Leadership)

From Disabilities to Possibility: 5 Keys to Achieving an Inclusive Life- One of the keys to achieving an inclusive life is building on each individual’s fascinations, passions and interest areas. Patrick will explore new ways of using these areas as positive teaching tools that calm, motivate and improve learning. Using real life stories — from womb to tomb — of individuals with possibilities, participants will discover how to make the most of fascinations, passions and interest areas to help learners they support. Areas included will be learning standards-based academic content, developing social connections, minimizing anxiety, boosting literacy learning and mathematics skills, expanding communication skills and much more! Be prepared for something fun and different!

Speaker: Lee Stickle, Director of the Kansas
State Department of Education’s
Technical Assistance Support
Network (TASN) Autism & Tertiary Supports

Channeling Your Inner Gumby – Each of us face challenges in daily life. Some are faced with increasingly difficult circumstances; loss, loneliness, isolation, violence and uncertainty can cause us to question or rattle our confidence, undermine our ability to make meaningful connections, distort our character and make coping difficult. What can we do? Research has shown that we can build our resilience. We can begin to approach challenges in ways that we can be significantly more successful. Join us as we explore ways to build resilience and become the people we were meant to be!


Click here for more details: Together We Can Learn Conference 2019