Youth Wheelchair Tennis Series

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Northland Racquet Club, 306 Tennis Ct., KC, MO

If your child has a disability that prevents them from playing “regular” tennis, they can still enjoy all of the benefits the game of tennis provides with adaptations designed to meet their individual needs.  Tennis is truly a game for everyone. If they can swing a racquet, your child CAN play!

Join us for this weekly series beginning on April 18 and ending on May 30. There will be no practice on May 9.

The objectives of the series are:
• To allow children with a variety of physical limitations and special needs to be introduced to and explore basic skills in a fun, recreational environment.
• To allow children with a variety of physical limitations to learn the fundamentals of the game of tennis.

Goals of the series:
• To improve hand/eye coordination, racquet skills, volleys and ground strokes.
• To prepare adaptive tennis players for competitive play.

$5 weekly participation fee*
(Cash/Check/Card payment due before play)
*Scholarship is available to those who qualify.

Participation Requirements:
To ensure a fun and safe event, children must be:
• Ages K-12 and able to actively participate in workshop*
• Seizure free for at least 2 months*
• Caregiver presence needed for assistance if participant is not physically independent*
• Having participants be able to push a manual wheelchair independently is preferred*
*NOTE: Parent/guardian will need to sign a waiver before child can play. Waiver will be available at venue.

You must register to play!    Sign up online at: