Proposed Changes to Kansas HCBS Program

We are sharing this link from KDADS at the bottom of this post. Please check it out. Proposed Changes to Kansas HCBS Program are linked below to read.

Public Comment Period Opens November 1, 2015.
The State of Kansas is requesting comments and feedback between 11/01/2015 and 11/30/2015 on proposed
changes to HCBS Programs. The proposed changes are summarized in this document and will be posted to the
KDADS website at

The proposed changes will affect the following HCBS programs:
 Frail Elderly (FE)
 Intellectual/ Developmental Disability (IDD)
 Physical Disability (PD)
 Technology Assisted (TA)
 Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Click here for more information: Proposed Changes to Kansas HCBS Programs