Your Monday Morning Update!


July 28, 2014

Your Monday Morning Update:

Campaign signs are peppering street corners signifying it’s “that time of year” again.

For some, this is a very exciting time and for others it’s described as “worse than going to the dentist”.
It just so happens that I was at the dentist the other day, and you know… I didn’t find it all that bad.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

• When you go to the dentist, you need to make an appointment. No appointment necessary when you vote.

• When you go to the dentist you need to get in your car and travel there. You can vote by mail in Kansas right from the comfort of your armchair.

• When you go to the dentist, you usually have to sit and wait. If you vote early, there is typically no waiting.

• When you go to the dentist, you never know what to expect. You can view your ballot online prior to heading to the polls, so you know exactly what to expect.

• Some people say “special interests” hold the elections. The dentist holds the drill.

• Some people say “I am too busy to vote”. Most of us are too busy to have a root canal.

• Some people say “my vote doesn’t count”. If I hadn’t had spoken up, I would have had bubblegum flavored tooth polish.

Lessons learned are:

• If we don’t want tooth decay, we must participate in dental hygiene.

• As part in the democratic process, we all have the opportunity and responsibility to participate in elections.

My message to you today is:

• Take preventative care of your teeth – be sure to brush (don’t forget that flossing thing too).

• Take preventative care of your State and vote, it’s the only way that your voice can be heard. Low turnout in primary elections, means that a tiny minority decides the race in many cases.

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Warm regards,

Lurena Mead
Community Relations Manager
Johnson County Developmental Supports
10501 Lackman Road Lenexa, Kansas 66219
Direct 913 826-2212 | Office 913 826-2626
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